Goodreads – It’s Vince Flynn’s fault

I have recently signed up to The main reason I’ve signed up is because of Vince Flynn. More specifically because I absolutely refuse to give Vince a single penny more than he’s damn well earned.

If you don’t know the site, Goodreads enables you to upload a list of the books you’ve read, are reading or would like to read, as well as to read and write reviews on books and get algorithm based recommendations for other books you might like. I’ve already started uploading some of the books I’ve read in my life, and over the next few months I intend to go over some of my most-read authors to populate the back catalogue. I’m not going to flag what I’m currently reading since that has to be of zero interest to anyone who isn’t me and one would hope it would be blatantly obvious to someone who is me.

But anyway, it’s Vince’s fault.

I like Vince Flynn books, but he gives them all such bland and non-descriptive titles: Transfer of Power, Separation of Power , Executive Power, Extreme Measures, etc. How on Earth am I supposed to remember whether I’ve read a book or not by those titles? I stopped reading Vince Flynn books when I accidentally bought one I’d already read in an airport; I foolishly assumed that because it was in a small airport bookstore it would be a new release instead of 8 years old.

So I’ve joined Goodreads so that I can remember which Vince Flynn books I’ve read. And the David Baldaccis. And the Lee Childs. And the… well, you get the point. And that hopefully means I can start buying the great Vincenzo’s works again.