Make Scapple look like the logo

Scapple – the program that developer Keith described as Literature and Latte’s “spill-your-thoughts-all-over-the-place app” – now has its own Facebook page.

I used the program during the beta testing phase to pull together some of the background documents for NiaD#3. Just a couple of things, you understand, to help test the application. One thing that struck me, particularly after they unveiled Scapple’s logo, was that it didn’t actually come with a nice realistic chalkboard background.

Naturally, I had to make one.

In honour of the app’s newly live Facebook page, I thought I’d share that background here for you all to use. You can download it here.

After you’ve downloaded the picture on this page to somewhere sensible on your Mac, you can change the background in Scapple by opening the Inspector (View > Show Inspector), selecting the “Document” pane, and then clicking on “Choose Texture”. Find the pic, and there you go.

For the best accompaniment, I’d choose “Chalkduster” as the default font and off-white for the colour. The texture also works nicely as a corkboard background in Scrivener, if you are so inclined, although I use the ‘Slate Graph Paper’ texture that comes with it, myself.


EDIT 2013_08_14: Scapple has now been released in Beta for Windows, with a Sci Fi translation already available! Check it out here:


3 thoughts on “Make Scapple look like the logo

  1. Sérgio Jardim

    Very nice, thank you!!
    But I have a suggestion: “Chalkboard” over “Chalkduster” because it’s easier to read on small sizes. :)

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