Update on NiaD 2013

As some of you have noticed, normally I would have announced the date for the annual Novel In A Day event by now. You may also be wondering if this lack of announcements means that we won’t be running a session this year.

What can I say? It’s been a really strange 12 months, and it looks like the next few weeks are (quite inconveniently) going to see three things:
1) a lot of change,
2) a lot of unpredictability, and
3) not a lot of free time.

As a result, I have been very hesitant in committing to a date. Still, I’m getting more frequent nudges, pokes and challenges from people who want to take part, so it’s only fair that I come off the fence and answer the question now.

There WILL be a Novel in a Day 2013. If all goes to plan it should be formally announced next week on the LitNLat forum with the sign up sheet.

Honestly, with everything I’ve got going on I was leaning towards not doing it this year. However, Mrs Pigfender (the only other person who actually knows the story for the event) said we had to write this one. She was that excited about the plot!

There are likely to be a couple of changes. I’m thinking of delegating more this year (including maybe finding other willing volunteers to do the introduction and the cover). I’m also going to be much stricter about the sign up numbers to avoid any last minute changes or additions (which require a lot more reconstruction than you might think).

Oh, and the (almost final) date for the event is Saturday 19th October. There is a small chance that might move, but I should know by next week if it’s going to.

Anyway, Please feel free to thank Mrs Pigfender in the comments below. She reads them, you know.

6 thoughts on “Update on NiaD 2013

  1. Susan Cutter

    Yay! Excellent news. Thank you, Mrs. Pigfender! We must dedicate the novel to you. :)

    I’d love to help, but I’m less artistic than the average pile of bricks. I could possibly do low-level editing (hunt down typos, fix punctuation, stuff like that) if that would be of any use.)

    1. pigfender Post author

      Thanks for the offer! I’m still figuring out what the “delegation” will look like, but it may well include editor positions! :)
      Thanks for your excitement, too! Mrs Pigfender was very pleased with your suggestion. She has featured in the dedication of a novel before, although she had to share the honour with someone else (me), so she might enjoy a solo moment in the spotlight. :)

  2. nom

    Sorry for you loss of stability, predictability and free time. Such occasions help one understand the curse, “May you live interesting times”. On the plus side…
    Well there’s always a plus somewhere, even if it can sometimes take a while to work out.

    Many thanks to Mrs Pigfender – clearly a person of taste, refinement and considerable authority. :)

    1. pigfender Post author

      Cheers Nom. Interesting times, indeed.
      Mrs Pigfender, whilst clearly too modest a person to reply herself, was most pleased with your comment!

  3. Rollerdiva

    I’ll volunteer! (My skills are quite narrow so my help will be in the form of cookies/muffins/home-made energy bars to keep yours and Mrs Pigfender’s strength up.) I’ll send them to your PO Box…

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