The Big Bang Theory and plot holes

If a plot hole isn’t obvious, does it matter?

Amy Farrah Fowler, you have ruined my life.

5 thoughts on “The Big Bang Theory and plot holes

  1. nom

    I was going to respond with some witty off the cuff remark but (a) I don’t have a couple of hours spare to develop one, and (b) she’s wrong. Well, I mean, she’s right about the Nazis and the ark but I ask, is that *really* what the film is about? Really? You have watched it to the end right? And you did see the dude with the hat and the music in the earlier scenes? You know, the hero of the movie?

    Why is that young people these days think it’s all about saving the world and making a difference? Sometimes, the world needs a witness and the stuff we witness isn’t always good. Which is why it needs to be witnessed.

    Yay Indie!

    1. pigfender Post author

      But he doesn’t witness: he has his eyes shut!
      Seriously thought, you make a good point about the world needing a witness, but I still lean towards fiction demanding a hero. Isn’t it the audience / reader’s job to be the witness?

    1. pigfender Post author

      As far as I can tell from memory, the main impact that Indy has in Raiders is that an innocent monkey is poisoned (“Bad dates”)?!
      And Episodes I-III did far worse things than make Lord Vader fond of crochet. :p

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