8Qs: Zach Weinersmith

Eight Questions is an occasional series of interviews that I’m including on the site. Being a naturally gifted (read: lazy) interviewer, I will be using the same eight questions in every interview.

This time, the questions are being answered by web cartoonist, Zach Weinersmith. Zach is perhaps best known for his award winning (and my own personal favourite) web comic, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, which has provided a slice of keenly observed humour daily since 2002. Welcome, Zach!

1 – What did you do before you did this and what do you miss about it?
The last real job I worked was in closed captioning. I don’t miss that. That said, before my cartooning/writing career took off I was studying to be a physicist. I miss that quite a bit and hope to get back to it. There’s something very nice about a non-artistic career like that. There’s creativity, but it’s less miasmic – someone has to be right!

2 – How many projects are you working on at the moment and what can you tell us about them?
Too many. Big stuff: SMBC, Augie and the Green Knight(A), BAHFest (a geek science show), a new SMBC book, and a boardgame. I have other stuff, but it’s not too far along just yet.

3 – If you had to quit either reading or writing which would you pick?
Writing, I suppose, since reading is prior.

4 – If you could magic another hour into the day, where would you put it and what would you use it for?
I think I’d use it just to get further ahead. I already have a crazy schedule between our new kid and all the projects. I’m not sure where that hour would go, but it’d be welcome.

5 – What is your pet hate in writing / language?
I dislike any book that isn’t at least a little boring. A good book ought to linger here and there, to give you a sense of place. Books that are constantly hitting you with action and twists and sex are tiresome.

6 – Are there any genres that you love to read but which you never write?
This question doesn’t apply well to comics, but… not really. I have trouble reading something without wanting to get involved. To the extent that I don’t do something, it’s mostly due to lack of time.

7 – Do you have any writing rituals, habits or idiosyncrasies that you can share?
I need to read 3 books a week or I have difficulty writing.

8 – What are you selling and where can I buy it?
Shirts, books, and novelties, at http://smbc.myshopify.com/


(A) – Augie and the Green Knight is Zach’s illustrated book for kids starring a smart and adventurous girl called, well, Augie.


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