Novella-in-a-Day? NiaD VI is going ahead in JUNE!

Some of you will recall that we never got round to scheduling a NiaD for last October because of an unwelcomed excess of Real Life™. When I announced that it wouldn’t be going ahead you lot were amazing, with exactly the right blend of disappointment and well-wishes to make me all warm and fuzzy, and help that Real Life™ seem manageable.

So, to say “Thank You”, we’re going to run a very special out-of-season version of Novel-in-a-Day… Welcome to Novella-in-a-Day!

How is Novella-in-a-Day different to Novel-in-a-Day?
Three ways!
1) It’s running in June (Novel-in-a-Day will run as usual this October)!
2) Each book will have only 12 chapters instead of the normal 24, so it’s a shorter, punchier, more novella-ier story!
3) Because of the smaller number of chapters, we’re expecting more versions of the book than normal, so there will be even more examples of each chapter for you to compare your style to!

Other than that, it will be the same NiaD experience that you know and love!

Sign up in the normal way over at the NiaD forum, here!