3 Ghosts (NIAD 2016)

Edward Myer was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of Myer’s burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner. His wife signed it: and his wife’s name was good upon ’Change, for anything she chose to put her hand to. Old Myer was as dead as a door-nail…

This book was written as a Novella-in-a-Day on June 17th, 2017. Four versions were produced (one called ‘Blue’, one called ‘Red’, one called ‘Green’ and one called ‘Yellow’) each written in just 24 hours by 12 authors.

(with apologies and thanks to Charles Dickens)



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You can download free copies of each of the four versions in PDF, ePub and Kindle formats from the Literature and Latte website.

You can also download the Scrivener project (which includes all the chapter briefs sent out to participants), along with the compile settings use to produce the books from the same page.