NiaD 8 – Live and Let NiaD…

The sign up sheet for NiaD8 is now live! This year’s event (and I’m taking generous liberties with the definition of ‘year’ here) is taking place on Saturday 26th January, 2019, so we’ve got a quite a generous lead time for people to sign up. Spread the word to your various writing chums and encourage them to take part! The new time of year will hopefully help kickstart those new year writing resolutions (for me as much as anyone else).

Head over to the NiaD forum and sign up (or just say “hi”). This year, I’m also being regularly interviewed by a previous participant as I go through the process of developing the story and briefing materials. Their intention is to try and make sense of the various activities and share it in a series of podcasts / blogs that will go out after the event itself has finished. I’m reminded of a documentary I watched on Channel 4 in the UK many years back (when there were still only 4 channels) about a guy who was given a bunch of cash by the production company to build and fly a light aircraft from scratch. It became painfully obvious after a few weeks that the guy wasn’t going to make; that he wouldn’t even come close. The documentary became an unmissable study into the effect of deadline related stress.

I can’t think why I thought of that.

Incidentally, while of got you here, have you seen the new(ish) website yet? It’s 100% less yellow! :)