Eight Questions

It is the inalienable right of the creative to give acceptance speeches for prestigious awards in the bathroom mirror and to practice being interviewed by sycophantic journalists. In this spirit, I have always had terribly good fun reading print interviews; the temptation to ignore the original interviewee’s responses in favour of providing my own is simply beyond my will power. I can’t even resist playing along in static interviews where the questions are never changed, like “The Ten Questions We Ask Everyone” in Guitarist magazine, or the “Pivot Questionnaire” asked at the end of every episode of “Inside the Actor’s Studio”.

Given the enjoyment they bring me, I just had to include an interview series on this site. Since I am a naturally gifted interviewer (for which read ‘lazy’), I will use the same eight questions for every interviewee. It keeps it easier for all of us.

1 – What did you do before you did this and what do you miss about it?
2 – How many projects are you working on at the moment and what can you tell us about them?
3 – If you had to quit either reading or writing which would you pick?
4 – If you could magic another hour into the day, where would you put it and what would you use it for?
5 – What is your pet hate in writing / language?
6 – Are there any genres that you love to read but which you never write?
7 – Do you have any writing rituals, habits or idiosyncrasies that you can share?
8 – What are you selling and where can I buy it?

You can browse the interviews we’ve had so far here:

March 2016: Hugh Pile (print and TV journalist)
November 2015: Johnny D. Boggs (western writer)
February 2015: David Morrell (bestselling novelist)
August 2014: Zach Weinersmith (web cartoonist)
April 2014: Lee Child (bestselling novelist)
March 2014: James R. Babb (magazine editor and contributor)
February 2014: Michael A. Arnzen (Bram Stoker winning horror writer and educator)
December 2013: D. P. Lyle (author and medical story consultant)
October 2013: Michael Bywater (journalist and celebrated essayist)
June 2013: Literature and Latte (the team that brought you Scrivener and Scapple)

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