NiaD 8 – Live and Let NiaD…

The sign up sheet for NiaD8 is now live! This year’s event (and I’m taking generous liberties with the definition of ‘year’ here) is taking place on Saturday 26th January, 2019, so we’ve got a quite a generous lead time for people to sign up. Spread the word to your various writing chums and encourage them to take part! The new time of year will hopefully help kickstart those new year writing resolutions (for me as much as anyone else).

Head over to the NiaD forum and sign up (or just say “hi”). This year, I’m also being regularly interviewed by a previous participant as I go through the process of developing the story and briefing materials. Their intention is to try and make sense of the various activities and share it in a series of podcasts / blogs that will go out after the event itself has finished. I’m reminded of a documentary I watched on Channel 4 in the UK many years back (when there were still only 4 channels) about a guy who was given a bunch of cash by the production company to build and fly a light aircraft from scratch. It became painfully obvious after a few weeks that the guy wasn’t going to make; that he wouldn’t even come close. The documentary became an unmissable study into the effect of deadline related stress.

I can’t think why I thought of that.

Incidentally, while of got you here, have you seen the new(ish) website yet? It’s 100% less yellow! :)

Start Wearing Purple (NIAD 2017)

Biographer Jacob Heath has an unhealthy level of enthusiasm for his work.

When he decides to write the story of San Francisco’s  masked vigilante, the Terrordon, and his arch-enemy the Sleepwalker, Jacob’s ‘method writer’ approach might get him in deeper than he can handle.

This book was written as a Novel-in-a-Day on October 28, 2017. Three versions were produced (one called ‘Blue’, one called ‘Red’, and one called ‘Orange’) each written in just 24 hours by 20 authors.





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Novel in a Day 7 is going ahead!

Just a short post to let you all know that the sign-up sheet for this year’s Novel in a Day is now live! The event will take place on Saturday October 28th 2017 (UK time, as usual) and — unlike our brief bonus novella in June earlier this year — will be the full fat version.

Speaking of June’s Novella in a Day, I really enjoyed our alternative version. Being a shorter and more contained plot, it was a *lot* less effort, pain and pressure in the run up to the day (although the actual day itself was just as, if not more, hectic than usual). Thanks to everyone who took part in that, it was a really fun read!

But back to the present… Novel in a Day, October 28th, sign up here. I’ve started working on the plot for it now and I’m really excited! :)

3 Ghosts (NIAD 2016)

Edward Myer was dead: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of Myer’s burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner. His wife signed it: and his wife’s name was good upon ’Change, for anything she chose to put her hand to. Old Myer was as dead as a door-nail…

This book was written as a Novella-in-a-Day on June 17th, 2017. Four versions were produced (one called ‘Blue’, one called ‘Red’, one called ‘Green’ and one called ‘Yellow’) each written in just 24 hours by 12 authors.

(with apologies and thanks to Charles Dickens)

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Novella-in-a-Day? NiaD VI is going ahead in JUNE!

Some of you will recall that we never got round to scheduling a NiaD for last October because of an unwelcomed excess of Real Life™. When I announced that it wouldn’t be going ahead you lot were amazing, with exactly the right blend of disappointment and well-wishes to make me all warm and fuzzy, and help that Real Life™ seem manageable.

So, to say “Thank You”, we’re going to run a very special out-of-season version of Novel-in-a-Day… Welcome to Novella-in-a-Day!

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Interrupted reading and the impromptu book review

‘Hey, book dude.’

His voice is slow and quiet, with just the hint of a Scottish accent. I’ve not met enough Scots to be able to guess which area, but the word Aberdeen pops into my head anyway, with absolutely no credible rationale.

I keep reading as I walk. It’s after 10pm and it’s dark, but this is my familiar walk home so I can tell by the changing intensity of light on the page that I’m about to hit a lamppost. I make a quick mid-stride step to the left to avoid the impact.

‘That’s some impressive walking, book dude.’

I turn the page. ‘Thanks.’ Continue reading

00NiaD will return in…

Well, October is nearly over and you may have noticed that there hasn’t been a call for participants in a Novel in a Day this year, and there isn’t a nice shiny new ebook for you to download and enjoy for free.

Real life kind of got in the way this year, making it not possible to pull something together of the standard you’ve come to expect. So, I’m taking the opportunity to reset the timing to what will hopefully be a less hectic bit of the year for all of us. NiaD should be back some time in January. Follow here or on one of social media sites listed in the menus above and I’ll let you know when dates are confirmed!