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DIY icons in Scrivener for Mac

Tomorrow (July 20th, 2016) sees the long-awaited release of Literature and Latte’s iOS version of their popular writing software, Scrivener.

Don’t get excited. This isn’t a review. I thought about writing one, but other people with far bigger readerships than me have done that already (9to5mac and sixcolors spring to mind). In any case, the only useful information I can impart is a couple of screenshots and the fact that it’s really good, and you’ll find all that out yourself tomorrow.

Still, the impending release means that the jolly good folks at Literature and Latte have provided an updated version (v2.8) of their Scrivener for Mac software to add the mobile sync functionality that makes the desktop app compatible with it’s upcoming iOS little brother, and a new Scrivener for Mac release means I need to go through my regular upgrade ritual. Continue reading

Change the dictionary in Scrivener

Scrivener for Windows has a number of writing tools available from the Tools menu, including options to look up selected words in a number of online references (dictionary, thesaurus, etc). These tools aren’t user definable, but if you are prepared to tinker a little under the hood there is a way to change these to something you use more regularly.

The steps below will switch the and references to enable you to look up words in the Collins online dictionary and thesaurus instead (in particular, the American English versions). Continue reading

Writing Sci Fi with Scapple for Windows

I’m very pleased to say that the Windows version of Scapple is now a reality. The folks at Literature and Latte(1) have just released a beta version of the software on their website(2).

But that’s not the exciting news. The exciting bit is that once again(3) I have been able to work with the Windows team at LitNLat to add a Science Fiction interface to the program.



Continue reading

Make Scapple look like the logo

Scapple – the program that developer Keith described as Literature and Latte’s “spill-your-thoughts-all-over-the-place app” – now has its own Facebook page.

I used the program during the beta testing phase to pull together some of the background documents for NiaD#3. Just a couple of things, you understand, to help test the application. One thing that struck me, particularly after they unveiled Scapple’s logo, was that it didn’t actually come with a nice realistic chalkboard background.

Naturally, I had to make one. Continue reading

8Qs: Literature and Latte

Eight Questions is an occasional series of interviews that I’m including on the site. Being a naturally gifted (read: lazy) interviewer, I will be using the same eight questions in every interview.

This time, I’m asking the questions of the fine folks at Literature and Latte, creators of the celebrated Scrivener software as well as their newest release, Scapple.

Welcome Astrid, David, Ioa, Jeff, Jennifer, Julia, Katherine, Keith, Lee, and Tammy! Continue reading

Changing the Binder name in Scrivener

As part of the Novel In A Day excercises I make available the Scrivener project files used to create the books. As a result of seeing these, a couple of people have asked me how I changed the name of the binder in those files so that instead of just saying “Binder”, they read (for example) “NIAD 2012″… Continue reading