Praise for NiaD

On the off chance that you’re still unconvinced about just how much fun Novel-in-a-Day is, here’s a selection of some of the great many comments we’ve received from previous participants!

Thanks to everyone who has taken part so far, and of course thanks to everyone who sent in their views on the events and the books.




“This was a GREAT exercise before NaNoWriMo! I most certainly want to participate with NIAD next year.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this first NIAD… it was a fabulous experience.”

“It was a great deal of fun…I’ve never written and edited fiction at that kind of frenzied pace, but it was exhilarating.”

“This really was a fun project that I hope we can do again.”

“I had fun doing it, and I gather that the rest of the authors did, too.”

“More than reading the book I enjoyed the experience… Hope this becomes a tradition.”

“It was liberating to be given a précis and have to sit down and get on with the nuts and bolts of writing for a day, knowing that if I didn’t get it done I’d be letting everyone else down. Liberating, because I have a tendency to fear the blank page and spend all my time arsing around with plans and notes and not getting on with the important part – the writing.”

“A big thanks from me… I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“Yes, tremendous fun… Seriously pleasant way to spend a morning. We should do it again.”

“This was wonderful fun. Wish I could do this again… This has been a good kick in the behind for NaNoWriMo.”

“It has been fun writing to a deadline and, well, actually just having to finish something. Because of this, I’m actually thinking that NaNo might be possible this year. So truly, thank you!”

“It’s been brilliant, can we do it again?”

“I had fun… It got me thinking again about a true-crime piece that I’ve had in mind for years.”

“I was impressed by how smooth you made the whole experience for us. At least I felt like I had the information I needed, I knew the deadline, and the rest was up to me.” “The final product (now I’ve finished it) is really a very good read!”

“This was, in sum, great.”

“This has been a lot of fun (I’m new this year), I hope it becomes a tradition!”

“I loved the whole exercise. It was great fun, and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to write stuff in such a way that it wouldn’t clash with other chapters whose plotlines I didn’t know… Thank you for a brilliant Novel In A Day experience.”

“This was as last year much fun… awesome.”

“I had so much fun writing AND reading this.”

“I have to admire the *structure*… with a ‘normal’ plot but somehow none of the writers could tell where in the plot arc they might be. I don’t think even the ones writing the first or last chapters could have known that they were. Very clever!”

“The worrying thing — a bit worrying unless you’re running an MFA course in creative writing — is that it all seems to work as a book. I enjoyed it. Doing it, and reading it.”

“I’m glad I had the chance to contribute… I had a great time.”

“This is my first time participating in such an expedition and I had a lot of fun doing it! I hope to participate next year if we all do it again!”

“BTW, when I got the assignment I could see how I could POSSIBLY write 1500 words for such a little action piece. So why is the final count 3900 words?”

“It’s amazing how [it’s crafted] allowing for continuity while making room for creativity.”

“What a funny, enjoyable and fruitful experience this has been.”

“Would love to see this continue as a yearly thing”

“I had a great time doing this! I really loved the info pack. It had just enough information to give you a framework but left enough room so you get creative.”

“A thousand thank yous for running this magnificent project for us again! It’s a blast, and wonderful mental exercise… How can you come up with a book with a coherent plot line that even the people writing it have no idea that they are writing the beginning or a climax or even the end??? It baffles me.”

“Another extremely good writing experience! The info package was just right for me, my questions were more formal than anything, and I had a great time going through all the background info. It was a really impressive effort and made my task easier than I thought… I’m definitely hooked to this particular writing exercise/party/crazy fun.”

“What the heck?!?!? I was writing the last chapter and I didn’t even realise?? I thought I was situated at the first 1/4 or 1/3 of the book! That’s amazing.”

“I did love writing for this edition… I had a lot of fun.”

“Is there life after NIAD?”

“It was lots of fun for the participants, and I really enjoyed it (again).”

“It’s very interesting to watch how different authors approach the same situation, and get an insight about what those briefs really said.”

“Brilliant fun, awesome day. Would buy from again A+++”

“Wonderful time! Really did enjoy the process & loved seeing the insides of how scrivener can be so productive for a writer… This project showed how when the skeleton is in place, the actual writing part can be confined to a day for a chapter. I know, some were much longer than others, but seeing this in action made novel writing attainable – at least in my estimation.”

“Loved every minute. Thanks for letting me join in!”

“I had a ball. Loved it.”

“This has been a grand experience. I don’t know what was more fun: the writing of my section, or the reading of the finished product… Pleased to have been a part of it.”

“This event is pure genius! Pulling something like this off, worldwide? Brilliant. So very impressed by the time and work involved preparing and all the after care. Well done!!!”

“I enjoyed it immensely once again.”

“Wow, it was an amazing experience again.”

“Thanks for making this happen! As always, a reason to wake up at Oh Seven Hundred on a Saturday and stew miserably over not-enough-coffee until I finally feel too guilty over how late I am. The briefing was well done and the scenes were a lot of fun to write.”

“Thanks for the opportunity mate, had a blast.”

“I think next year I’m using my vacation days for this event.”

“Thank you for doing this and generally so nice. I had a blast, and I hope to be coming back next year!”

“Thank you! It has been invaluable to me in testing my understanding of story craft.”

“Thanks for another interesting challenge for me, and for bringing many people together in such a good way.”

“It is fascinating to see another person’s take on your scene, that was a good idea.”

“Loved it. A genius idea and a very clever way to pull it off worldwide.”

“This was a blast!!!”

“Yeah!! It was fun.”

“It was fun! I can’t wait to read all the chapters and briefs!”

“Once again, I really enjoyed it.”

“I haven’t written anything for a long, long time, so this was a great way to get back into it. Definitely count me in for next year… I’m so glad I said yes.”

“Quite a challenge.  Exhausting and exhilarating.”

“I had a blast, and I hope to be coming back next year!”

“I had a blast as always! I like the fact that for one day, I have absolutely nothing to do except work on a chapter.”

“By the way, that was a stack of fun. I really enjoyed it… Thanks for letting me be part of this.”

“The final product (now I’ve finished it) is really a very good read!”

“I’ve enjoyed every page of it.”

“I’m impressed with the quality and intensity of each and every chapter.”

“I really enjoyed reading The Dark… I like our little book, the many faces of Jane Scott were immensely enjoyable.”


“It’s damn brilliant when you think about the info we each had and how its slotted together.”

“It really is brilliant!”

“A very good read.”

“It’s fun to read the whole thing and see how it came out, I’m enjoying it a lot!”

“Just finished reading Lunar520 and had a rollicking good time.”

“I can’t remember the last time I waited for the publication of a book with such anticipation.”

“It is a fun read.”

“In awe of what was achieved in a day… Congratulations to, and admiration for, everyone involved.”


“One thing sticks out for me with the book: The chapters are really blending together nicely from end to beginning.”

“It’s really well done, I think this year the crossover from chapter to chapter was really quite amazing.”

“I’ve just finished reading the amalgamated masterpiece, and it’s good to see the plot arc as a whole — not just a surprise ending, for me, but a surprise nearly-everything-else, too. Very enjoyable.”

“Just downloaded Made Man and opened in my ebook reader. I may be gone a while…”

“I’m impressed… very impressed. Very well done everyone.”

“I love it.”

“Two wonderful books from many talented writers worldwide! Wow!”

“I don’t know what was more fun: the writing of my section, or the reading of the finished product… Fabulous work by all the authors!”

“The continuity in terms of both style and story is remarkable.”

“I’m savouring it!”

“I have nothing but praise for everybody involved — both versions of the novel hung together and were great fun to read (Makes me triply sorry that life wouldn’t let me play this year).”