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Happily Ever After

Earlier in the week I visited the library (as I am occasionally wont to do). I grabbed two Lee Childs and a Vince Flynn off the shelves and was heading to the checkout area when my gaze happened to drift across the cover of a DVD that stopped me in my tracks.

I was shocked and confused. I stood there frozen like a bad street performer with my mouth open and a look of bewilderment across my face while my brain tried to process the information. I looked down at the books in my hand and re-read the titles to make sure my eyes were still working, and then looked back at the DVD on the shelf.

“Walt Disney,” it said. “Cinderella 2.”

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Disney’s strong females

I recently read a twitter post in which the author moaned about Disney. Now, I’m actually a pretty big fan of Disney and have a pretty low threshold for complaints about them, so I wouldn’t normally have even bothered to read the post… except the author said something that jarred so much with my own perception of the company that I had to (a) read the linked blog to make sure I wasn’t missing something vital and (b) write this to right some wrongs out there.

The author had gone off on some feminist rant about Disney using only weak “Save me! Save me!” type female characters.

Okay, let’s clear this up right now: Disney has some of the strongest, most capable, and the most modern women characters out of ANY studio. Not only that, they have been in this position for arguably well over half a century. Continue reading