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What is a genre?

The first decision I have to make when starting the preparations for a Novel In A Day event(A) is about what kind of story I want to tell: The original NiaD (2011’s The Dark) was a cross between a horror and a detective novel; The one after that (2012’s Lunar520) was a science fiction thriller; Last year’s effort (2013’s Made Man) was a mafia tale set in 1962 Las Vegas(B). I’m a big believer that the story comes first and everything else follows from that, but I’m equally conscious that there is a moral obligation on me to make sure each successive NiaD does something different; another gangster tale is (sadly) not an option(C).

Which got me thinking: Do I know what different genres there are out there? Do I even know what a genre is?  Continue reading

Does physical comedy work on the written page?

Remember when I wrote a little while ago about how Tom Cruise helped me rethink the approach I was taking with one of my chapters? Well, I find myself needing to do it again.

I was typing away, getting the words onto the page like a good little author, occasionally chuckling to myself (a good sign while I’m writing, a terrible sign anywhere else in life) and generally taking care of business. I had a pot of coffee next to me and my writing hat on my head. I was on a roll.

When I later came back to re-read the section I realised I’d been thinking in moving pictures again. Don’t get me wrong, this is normally a good thing. Good writing should conjure up visual images. Take the following excerpt from the NIAD2012 book, Lunar520 (this except takes place in zero-gravity on a space station):

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Symbolism in Shakespeare

I haven’t read Shakespeare since it was forced upon me at school as part of English class, so you can probably guess my level of excitement last summer about the possibility of seeing A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Mrs Pigfender. I was looking forward to sitting in the sunshine for a few hours (it was an outdoors performance) and having a good chance to retreat into my own imagination to spend some time thinking through the plot devices for my current work of fiction and one or two killer points for that article I was supposed to be writing. Continue reading

Mars One – An exciting opportunity?

Anyone who has read the Lunar520 story produced as last year’s Novel In A Day (http://www.pigfender.com/index.php/2012/10/lunar520-niad-2012/) will be aware of some of the dangers of spending a long time locked in space with other people.

Still, the idea of going and living on Mars is really cool, and now you can actually apply to go. The Mars One project is planning to send up some people in 2023 and is accepting applications from anyone who would like to go!

I’d personally be pretty tempted except for one small thing: Have a look through some of the applicant videos on the Mars One website (http://applicants.mars-one.com/). Forget the hostile environment. Forget the fact that it’s a one-way ticket. Can you imagine having to spend the rest of your life living with any of these people?