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Every choice reflects on your characters

Each choice in a story is an opportunity to tell us something about the characters, whether it’s introducing something new, reinforcing an established position, or highlighting some deviation from the norm. Chapter 10 of the Work In Progress contains a seemingly innocuous exchange between two characters:

‘Do you want the good news or the bad news?’ asks Dudley when he sees me approaching. He kicks himself back away from the computer terminal so that he can face me directly as I take the seat next to him.

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Writing in the present tense

I’ve not updated for a little while because I’ve been focusing all my creative efforts on my current work in progress. I’m also caught in the middle of a debate with myself about my internet persona. On the web I basically go by the name ‘pigfender’ and avoid having any real personal information or pictures up there (the self portrait that forms part of the logo for the site being the exception).

But then again, the whole point of a blog – of a writer trying to cultivate an internet presence – is to connect with people. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so weird about it. Anyway, for the moment at least I think I’m going to stick with limited info, for the sole reason that *not revealing* is a reversable decision, and sticking my mug out there isn’t.

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