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Interrupted reading and the impromptu book review

‘Hey, book dude.’

His voice is slow and quiet, with just the hint of a Scottish accent. I’ve not met enough Scots to be able to guess which area, but the word Aberdeen pops into my head anyway, with absolutely no credible rationale.

I keep reading as I walk. It’s after 10pm and it’s dark, but this is my familiar walk home so I can tell by the changing intensity of light on the page that I’m about to hit a lamppost. I make a quick mid-stride step to the left to avoid the impact.

‘That’s some impressive walking, book dude.’

I turn the page. ‘Thanks.’ Continue reading

Predictions for 2064

I was flipping through an issue of Waitrose Kitchen yesterday that Mrs Pigfender had left by the chair I use to drink tea. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a strategic deployment as there were no dog-eared pages, sticky notes or handwritten messages next to pictures of expensive gadgetry(A). Anyway, the magazine had an article pooling the thoughts of various chefs and food journalists on their vision of what cooking and eating would be like fifty years from now. It was, as you might expect, a load of tosh. Fun, but tosh. The article was filled with fanciful notions that would be more at home in an issue of CrazyAbsurd SciFi Tales Monthly. We’re talking 3D printers that use powdered cartridges to paint food on your plate, and fingerprint scanners which can diagnose your state of health to recommend the most appropriate recipe for your nutritional needs.

But it was a fun enough game, so I got thinking about applying the same idea to my own field: the fine arts of reading and writing. In an attempt to avoid the fanciful and downright improssible(B), I have taken a quasi-scientific approach. ‘Scientific’, because I’ve tried to keep the 2064 vision as a sensible extrapolation of current technology and trends, and ‘quasi’ because, let’s face it, it’s a statistical analysis of anecdotal evidence taken from a sample size of one. Continue reading