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How to plot

I have been sharing a series of pictures on Instagram over the past couple of weeks that outline the process I go through to plot out a story for the Novel-in-a-Day events each year. If you’re a ‘pantser’ who likes to just wing that thing, then the rest of this post will probably give you a bit of a chuckle. It might also give you an interesting framework to retrospectively apply after you’ve done that first draft to test how strong / focused your tale is. For the rest of us, it’s a helpful way to develop a story from scratch. Continue reading

What is a genre?

The first decision I have to make when starting the preparations for a Novel In A Day event(A) is about what kind of story I want to tell: The original NiaD (2011’s The Dark) was a cross between a horror and a detective novel; The one after that (2012’s Lunar520) was a science fiction thriller; Last year’s effort (2013’s Made Man) was a mafia tale set in 1962 Las Vegas(B). I’m a big believer that the story comes first and everything else follows from that, but I’m equally conscious that there is a moral obligation on me to make sure each successive NiaD does something different; another gangster tale is (sadly) not an option(C).

Which got me thinking: Do I know what different genres there are out there? Do I even know what a genre is?  Continue reading

Writing Sci Fi with Scapple for Windows

I’m very pleased to say that the Windows version of Scapple is now a reality. The folks at Literature and Latte(1) have just released a beta version of the software on their website(2).

But that’s not the exciting news. The exciting bit is that once again(3) I have been able to work with the Windows team at LitNLat to add a Science Fiction interface to the program.



Continue reading

Make Scapple look like the logo

Scapple – the program that developer Keith described as Literature and Latte’s “spill-your-thoughts-all-over-the-place app” – now has its own Facebook page.

I used the program during the beta testing phase to pull together some of the background documents for NiaD#3. Just a couple of things, you understand, to help test the application. One thing that struck me, particularly after they unveiled Scapple’s logo, was that it didn’t actually come with a nice realistic chalkboard background.

Naturally, I had to make one. Continue reading

8Qs: Literature and Latte

Eight Questions is an occasional series of interviews that I’m including on the site. Being a naturally gifted (read: lazy) interviewer, I will be using the same eight questions in every interview.

This time, I’m asking the questions of the fine folks at Literature and Latte, creators of the celebrated Scrivener software as well as their newest release, Scapple.

Welcome Astrid, David, Ioa, Jeff, Jennifer, Julia, Katherine, Keith, Lee, and Tammy! Continue reading